Texture Fuzzy's Official Jungle Grass Release Pack! 1.0

Kept ya waitin', huh

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    Fuzzy's Official Jungle Grass Release Pack! - (Kept ya waitin', huh?)

    Fuzzy's gone and done it!! After sitting in a backup drive for almost half a year, hopefully it was all worth the wait.

    This .zip includes everything you need to put some grass in your art pass and then some! Major thanks to @Void for getting this all ready and to all of those who were nice enough to include them in their maps earlier this year. I hope others out there find some fun with these!

    If you would like to see the grass blended with different materials- either feel free to try and do it yourself, or put in a request for it! I'll try my best to deliver if need be! (make sure to read up the readme file!)

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