Forcing a server to adopt a tf_flag_caps_per_round value

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    So it's like this:

    I have two math_counters, set to do something once it hits 3. RED and BLU have their own counters, adding a value of 1 to the counter every time they cap the enemy intel.

    Now, some servers have their tf_flag_caps_per_round value set to 4, 2, or anything else besides 3. So naturally I tried a logic_auto and point_servercommand set up like so:

    tf_flag_caps_per_round "3"

    This ends up crashing both TF2 and Hammer, and renders the vtf file completely unreadable.

    There's got to be a working way to get a 4 caps per round server to have 3 caps per round (Without pestering its admins of course)