Model Folding knife for the spy [WIP]

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    Hello all, this is my first attempt at doing models for tf2, and also my first real attempt at doing modeling. :blink:

    A folding knife for the spy. at the moment it is VERY WIP, but i feel I'm getting somewhere. (see screenshot)

    (currently being worked on in Blender 2.60a)

    youtube clip of knife ingame:

    UPDATED 11/5/11 (mostly complete model-wise, see screenshots)
    UPDATED 11/8/11 (having issues with the itemtest wizard (see second screenshot))
    UPDATED 11/11/11 (Managed to get it working ingame, but with some textural issues- frigging bones being renamed by the SMD exporter making me rage at the compiler. oh and screenshots updated with youtube clip of ingame prowess :D)
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    I think that looks as if it could go quite far :) Nice design
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    Nice. I really like the handle.
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    thanks for the feeback :)

    screenshots updated, with mostly complete model, this point I'll be messing with the eternal reward to get an idea of size, textures and such.

    and I think i have a proper name and what I'd use for it's stats. :D

    The Rival's Repetoire
    "From Prussia with love -XXX"
    On Backstab: next swing is 30% faster
    on Miss: Next swing is 30% slower

    -=planned styles=-
    Style 1: Black Widow
    This style is the "stylish" option, i'm planning to have a team-color wooden handle, a platinum blade and a black widow spider on the hilt.

    Style 2: Maneater (might not use this one though)
    carbon black steel blade and hilt, with team colored black widow- based off the model knife i used for this one.

    EDIT: changed item quote
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    I really like the knife, but i think the color of the handle is a little to bright for the tf2 artstyle imo. If you want bright try going with the "team spirit" colors. I maybe wrong since all the pictures where took it are in a high light level :/

    Ravidge edit: Brilliant necrobump. You really added a lot of value to this dead thread.
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