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Flag cap triggering help

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Squirrelly, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Squirrelly

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    Hey Guys!

    I've been out of the scene of gaming or mapping for a very long time, but i had some time during my school break so im back at it for now! I just found this site & enjoyed its dedication to TF2, a game i love ;)

    I've played with the new source hammer a bit & im getting much better at it, but i needed a little help with entities and triggering events.

    The idea of my map is a CTF map, each team has 2 capture points to defend, and there are 2 different spawn rooms for each team near their cap points. The first capture area has to be capture before the other, then the next one becomes open to capture after the first is. I have seen the posts & tutorials on sequential flag captures and i think i understand that part of it. However, after the first cap is captured, i wanted all of the members of that defending team to spawn in the second spawn area only, so it makes kind of a last stand for the 2nd capture point. I was also interested in if there was a way to have players randomly spawn in either of the spawn rooms during the begining stage, before the first cap has been captured. So that players have a chance to start protecting both points at the same time, but soon as the 1st capture zone has been captured, then everyone defending can only respawn in that 2nd capture area. Because i know the order in which you put down player spawn entities is the order they respawn in game, so if i make 1 spawn room & all of the entities first, then people will keep respawning in that room in the order i made them (or at least thats how it use to be) I remember in an old cs 1.6 map that the mapper created a way for spawns to happen randomly in 2 different areas, and after the round was over the other team would randomly spawn in those areas, so u never respawned in the order he made them, because i think spawning back and forth near each capture point would be annoying, the same with always respawning in the same one for awhile.

    For the part of having players only respawn in the 2nd capture point after the 1st flag is captured, I wasn't sure if i should just add extra spawn entitys to each room & just have some of them disabled until the flag cap triggers them.

    I know it sounds really complicated in words, but im pretty sure its not that hard to do. Im learning the new TF2 & source hammer entities pretty quickly so im excited to see what stuff i can trigger and do with these flag cap things! Maybe have some sounds play, text come up so players know what to do, have spotlights on the next cap light up, the ideas are limitless! well... until the engine stops me at least :p

    Thanks for the help guys & Ill be sure to try and keep this site active & jolly.
  2. Kernel

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    you have cp_game_entities.vmf incl. with the latest sdk. load that up and you'll get the basics. You can do alot more through the triggers, there a few good ideas in the tutorial section of this site. But when stuck try the valve developer wiki: and search for what you need.
  3. Squirrelly

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    sorry i thought i actually figured most of it out while i was typing this post, haha.

    the spawn thing was easy, now im just doing other stuff with the caps being triggered, for instance. When u get the flag, instead of it saying... "take the intelligences to your base" I wanted it to say something else. Im not sure where to tweak that or if its possible yet, but i hope so! If not ill just use the game_text_tf way instead.

    and is it just me or is the tf_game_rules gone now? I never even got to use it, i just read about it, but its not even available & i would really like to use some of the things it could do!
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