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    So there is no easy way to build up to this, so I'm just gonna say it. I need to make it rain fish in my map. That's right, raining fish. I figure the birthday fish gib would be perfect for the job, but how do I get them to fall from the sky? I rigged up a gibshooter in hopes I could just select the model to shoot, but I didn't see an option for it. All I get are those tasty HL2 skulls, you know the ones barnacles vomit all over you. As I recall CS:S had a model selection option for its gibshooter but I guess it never made it into TF2. So anyone have any idea how I can make it

    So I found Env_shooter which solves my how to get fish to be the gibs problem. But now I need to figure out how to get the fish models to fall, because currently they just spawn and hover in mid air. So the new question is, how do I get the fish gibs to act like a physics prop?
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