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    Is there anyway to filter grenades in a way so that when the grenade/sticky bomb passes a trigger that it sets something of but not when a player or normal bullets pass through the trigger?
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    AFAIK, grenades don't trigger any type of trigger_* entity, regardless of the flags you set on the trigger. They can, however, be selectively blocked with a func_clip_vphysics and a filter_activator_class with a Filter Classname of tf_projectile_pipe* .

    This effectively replicates the behavior of a func_nogrenade. :mellow:

    You can block either stickies or normal grenades from the Demoman, or you can block both. Just change the Filter Classname on the filter_activator_class to tf_projectile_pipe_remote to block ONLY stickies and tf_projectile_pipe to block ONLY normal grenades or tf_projectile_pipe* to block both.

    The fact that it can be filtered with a func_clip_vphysics means it's probably something close to a prop_physics but... the Physics Objects flag in the trigger_* entities doesn't catch it.

    Hopefully someone else has better news for you. :)
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