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    Hey, i just wanted to show you my very early version of cp_fehothurisaz, and get some feedback :).

    More Screenshots: http://img101.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=cpfehothurisaz010000.jpg
    (Don't wonder about the 2 blocks near the CP, i use them to test the red/blu light :))

    If you wonder about the name, it's a mix of two old germanic runes :).
    If you don't like it, make a better suggestion.

    The map is themed as an old trainyard.
    2nd & 4th CP look: A turntable for trains :) cp rotates if capped :).
    middle CP look: An old trainyard building. Light-color changes if blu/red caps the point.
    1st and 5th CP look: i am not sure yet :)

    While mapping with the trains, i thought, would it be cool/good/bad etc.^^ if there are 2 trains (one for each team) the teams can travel with.
    From their first cp, to the 2nd and 3rd.
    With a twist, the more people are on the train, the faster it goes.

    Column 1
    comment player count speed inches/s class walking speed
    0 90 Scout 400
    1 135 Medic 320
    Faster than walking → 240 2 270 (2 Soldiers) Spy 300
    Faster than Demoman → 280 3 310,5 Sniper 300
    Medic: 320 / Demoman: 280 4 357,08 (2 Soldier/Medic/Demoman) Engineer 300
    If a scout joins, he should better walk ;) 5 374,93 Pyro 300
    But if both scouts join, they're a bit faster → 400 6 431,17 (Full Line-Up) Demoman 280
    7 431,17 (No change on higher player count) Soldier 240
    8 431,17 Heavy 230
    9 431,17
    10 431,17
    11 431,17
    12 431,17
    13 431,17
    14 431,17
    15 431,17
    16 431,17

    Do you like that idea? Why, or why not?

    And last but not least:

    Do you have any ideas how i can fill up the room? I mean, to make it look less empty and clean.

    To get a better experience of the map, why not download it ;)?

    Sorry for my not so good english ;).
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    perhaps upload some screenshots in this thread, but whatever.

    I mean it looks okay, its kinda..foggy? also, it kinda looks like it's missing something... I don't know what.
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    Welp, I've finally found a map whose name I cannot pronounce.

    Anyway, I am impressed by your use of props and lighting (albeit a bit dark in places), but I fear this map may be a little too open. It will probably need some more cover and maybe a side route or two.
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    We need a sound attach button now :p

    Also i like the idea.
  5. Engineer

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    Your map looks ok, maybe it a bit too open? Ill take a quick look around later.
    Oh, if you want more people to download it, you better host it here on with Dropbox ;)
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