MVM Factory RC1

Sage J. Fox

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Feb 10, 2017
Factory - Seige the Means of Production

A fairly small MvM map, with a twist! Located in the center of the map is a control room the robots and defenders can fight over King of the Hill style. Depending on which team holds it, conveyor belts leading throughout the map will either run towards or away from the pit, helping the robots along or slowing their progress. Player control is absolutely critical to stopping tanks from reaching the hatch!

The main focus of this map was to shake up the MvM meta a bit. Among other things:
  • Many alternate paths/pickups are only available with jump upgrades.
  • The Plague Doctor's 60 seconds of bleed on hit encourage health regen upgrades/items, reflecting Pyros, and the Candy Cane.
  • Having the point cappable by players as well encourages maybe even packing the Pain Train.

Known Bugs/Issues
  • Testing was never able to be done with a totally full party, so both pop files probably lean toward the easy side of things.
  • The point doesn't lock at the end of waves like it's supposed to and is fully re-cappable before the gate closes again. However if players try to be cheeky and do this, it correctly neutralizes and locks at the start of new waves.
  • Raven Pyros spring back to full size on death. Couldn't find a way for them to disappear that wasn't more trouble than this behavior.
  • Raven Pyros and "Gatebots" can't/won't pick up the bomb, it's possible to get situations where the robots can't hope to plant the bomb but there's still the tail end of the wave to deal with. Unfortunately I couldn't find a good balance for this during the limits of the contest. (Flagging bots as Support gives very little control over their spawning.) Just keep the control room cleared out and things shouldn't be too painful.
  • Due to a hard drive failure the original vmf was lost and the map had to be decompiled for work to continue on it. Hopefully I caught and fixed all the issues related to this but note it's still possible issues are in there.
  • The Upgrade station door sounds/animation don't sync up if a player jiggles in and out of the opening trigger very quickly. Just a minor cosmetic bug.
  • No one's found any easter eggs yet. :(
  • Probably something else I'm forgetting about.
Installation Instructions
The proper directory setup has been provided in the zip file, starting at the tf folder. Simple extract this tf folder into your "[Steam installation directory]/steam/steamapps/common/team fortress 2" folder.

Special Thanks
Thank you so much to my Discord group for helping to test the map and providing feedback! A very special thanks to Schaden and SweaterPups, whose concepts and concept art helped to shape the map past its orange stage. It wouldn't be anywhere as pretty without them.


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Nov 10, 2019
Heyo! I've been trying to look for the wall tank models you used around where the bots spawn on, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Would you happen to know where I can find them?