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KotH Factory A1

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Aug 17, 2016
Factory - Its a map I'm very proud of.

It's a map and will add more to it soon. I just need people to give me feedback.


Jan 7, 2015
Sorry in advance for the long list, but there are a lot of things that can be fixed or improved.
  • Filename should be all lowercase. Also, add versioning such as _a1, _a2 to the filename to avoid version mismatch errors on servers.
  • Please upload compiled .bsp's unless you need help with a complicated issue.
  • Use full size ammo and health packs sparingly, and keep them away from the point. That encourages camping and can make it hard to retake the point. Also, get rid of all those tiny pickups scattered about and put a few in certain spots around the map.
  • Blockbullets triggers should match the model shape as closely as possible so people don't try to shoot through the corners of the trigger and wonder why the shot didn't travel through.
  • Your door triggers look a little small, try making them stick out more so the door has time to open by the time a player reaches it
  • You can cut down on the number of light entities by like 70%. That'll speed up compile time too.
  • Spread out spawn points so players don't spawn inside each other, and also have enough for 12 per team.
  • There are two floating blockbullets triggers between the point and the blu factory that look like they're supposed to go with the prop below
  • What are the trigger_hurts on top of the factories for?
  • Try adding some height variation in your ground to make gameplay more interesting.
  • Try to have at least 2 spawn exits to discourage spawncamping.
After compiling it:
  • Your map isn't sealed. I found the leak for you; it's behind the blu base. The concrete wall and the gravel ground don't touch. To make sure it doesn't leak anywhere else, make sure the skybox brushes touch those concrete walls.

Regardless, it's a solid start.