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    Hey guys, just thought I'd write a quick introduction (since it was recommended). Call me Shovel-Head, I'm a complete n00b to mapping, but I've downloaded the Hammer editor, I've gotten a few ideas prepared, and I'm going to blindly fumble around until I'm not a n00b. In the event that I need help, I figured I'd sign up here. Since you guys have made some of my favorite custom maps (Swiftwater, Glacier).

    After playing TF2 for less than 3 months, I've decided I want to contribute to it. I'm currently in college going for a Bachelor's degree in Animation, so I intend to use this stuff as part of the learning experience.

    not that you care, but my other hobbies include playing and writing music (mostly on guitar), fixing/working on/customizing cars and trucks, and (of course) drawing.
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    Heyo, welcome aboard! Good luck in your Hammering. Remember that there's loads of helpful stuff on the Valve Developer Wiki and our tutorials section. Feel free to hang out in the group Steam chat; you can often get instant feedback for basic questions there.
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    If you want proper entity icons, use ABS (A Boojum Snark) Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack. Dude, it's an addon from the Heavens.