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  1. Ness

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    excavation - A snowy hill with trenches and a... vortex in the sky?

    The map takes place in a snowy hill with trenches. The control point is on a platform which is above a pit full of very sharp spikes (ouch).
    How to install the map:
    -download the map
    -go to your program files
    -go to Steam
    -go to SteamApps
    -go to common
    -go to Team Fortress 2
    -go to tf
    -go to maps
    -put the file in there
  2. Simulacron

    Simulacron L6: Sharp Member

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    Judging from the screnshots, the map itself looks very flat and linear, try to break it up with some buildings and interesting terrain. Especially around the point there is this flat snow area that seems pretty open for snipers.

    It's nice to make an instruction on how to install the map, however most of the people here know how to to this, so nobody will mind if you don't write it, as most of us know (I think) how to install tf2 maps.
  3. Asd417

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    Almost like an orange map in terms of its layout...
    (might be an oversimplified opinion)
  4. HolySnickerPuffs

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    I suggest you change the over-all shape of your map from a line to something else. Possibly a lightning bolt-like shape?
  5. Urban

    aa Urban

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    Have you re-packed your map to reduce filesize? 77.1MB is massive for an A1.

    If it has been re-packed already, do you think you could cut down on the amount of Frontline assets by proxying them with brushwork or default content? Having some custom content is fine but in the alpha stages you don't want to make people have to download a massive file every time you make some changes.
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