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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Undies, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Undies

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    eots_legokart uses a map concept that blends CP and CTF:

    If you've never played Eye of the Storm from World of Warcraft (this is exceedingly similar): The goal is to hold control points and capture the flag in sectors your team owns. A major advantage is given in a sector upon the capture of that sector's control point: sentries, dispensers, and a speed boost at street level. More importantly, holding a control point gives your team "score points" over time. The more control your team has on the map, the more score that is given per second. Both teams can also pick up the flag (intelligence) and bring it back to a control point they own to gain an extra 60 points!
    The team to get 2000 points first is the victor!

    Still not happy with this map and looking for advice/feedback in order to finalize it. I haven't made any changes to this map in months and would really like to get it off the shelf again.


    Original Concepts: Nintendo/Blizzard
    Map Design: Undies
    Map Creation: Undies
    Beta Testing: Community @ Server IP:

    Ryan - Big Dev Textures
    BoHaRoX - Lego Textures
    Octwo - Green Lego Recolors
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  2. Okrag

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    Seems like an interesting idea. However I am not liking the idea of boosts in areas you own, it takes the fun out of defense and is likely to make the tides harder to turn.
  3. Exist

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    Did you mean to do the world geometry like the course Blockforts in every mariokart game?
  4. Delusibeta

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    My first reaction to the screenshots was: "dom_blockforts". Still, stick it up on a Gameday (see the Events section of this forum) and we'll see how well this gamemode works.
  5. SiniStarR

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    welcome to mario kart :O
  6. Dr. ROCKZO

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    Did you make all the textures as well?
  7. Tapp

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    Wait, at the risk of sounding like the biggest jerk ever, you're re-making a level from another game, with a theme that makes no effort to resemble tf2, and the main selling point is a game-mode taken from another game?
    Other than the above, I'd say long sightlines, long/restricting ramps, a difficult to understand game-mode and a general case of 'way too big' are your key issues.
  8. Undies

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    Which is why it's not complete, it is a decent (at best) concept but doesn't play well :( It suffers more from over "scootery" than anything else due to reasons you mention. Thus my search for feedback (like yours). :blushing:

    Credits are in the original post ... no I did not.

    That's ... the point... Wait, you are concerned with the boosts and NOT the sentries?! ... k ... :facepalm:

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