CP Dynamo A1

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Big Ferret
Sep 7, 2015
Dynamo - Upward-themed gravelpit/steel hybrid with a twist.

One day I had an idea for an odd dynamic a/d map, where capping either A or B unlocks C, and each have their own benefits for capping. Thus, Dynamo.
Several weeks of work were poured into the A1 alone. I'm not used to dealing with complex angles and circular rooms. But I survived!

Capturing A or B unlocks C. Once C is unlock, the other uncapped point is optional.
Capturing A (which is located on a crane on top of a tower not dissimilar to Gravelpit C) moves the crane to cover a large gap, making a route to the upper floor of C more accessible, as well as opening up a few more routes (including one of the huge doors), and closing off some of Red's spawn doors (and making bridges that let Blu actually reach the control point).
Capturing B (located in a shack) causes C's platform to lower to the first floor, as well as opening and closing some more routes (and re-shutting the bridges to C if A has been capped).
Capturing both A and B is optional, but provides the benefits from capturing each point, plus opening up an additional hallway.