Does func_rotating work in TF2?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by The Asylum, May 23, 2010.

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    Or is it broken like almost every other non-tf2 entity?
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    unfortunately doesnt work.
    but if you want to create a spinning object do the following:

    1.) create a brush that you want to be rotating, make it a func_physbox,
    give it a name
    2.) create a phys_motor entity
    3.) make the attached object the brush of number 1.)
    4.) place the motor entity exactly over the middle of ur brush
    5.) there should be a little circle in the middle of the phys_motor entity which u then pull though the middle of ur brush of number 1.)
    6.) now u are done and can change for example the rotation speed etc. double clicking the phys_motor entity
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    Are the clouds in 2fort func_rotating? If so, it's broke. Otherwise that map would've had at least some sense of time left.
  5. Marxon

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    The entity is broke as hell visually but it technically works collision wise as walking up against one with solidity set to "BSP" will rotate you. Unfortunately even trying to weld a func_physbox to one causes issues and using a motor isn't as reliable due to physics issues and the welded entity bugs out. For me what I like about it is that it can be stopped at the start position and will always move at a consistent speed, which brings me to my point.

    If you really need something that rotates at a fixed speed without having to ever unwind and reset you can perhaps try a func_tracktrain with 2 path_track nodes in the same position with a 180 degree offset, that might work at least somewhat?

    I can whip up a prefab example if you wish.
  6. Lampenpam

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    @Marxon , @DjD

    a better solution has already been posted in the first reply. You should check it out

    EDIT: Oh thats why there are three avatars I havnt seen before. <_>
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