DM Ashina Shrine

DM DM Ashina Shrine b1

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Doctor Nuriel

L1: Registered
May 17, 2010
DM Ashina Shrine - A medium-sized Deathmatch map set in a Japanese temple complex.

"This sacred, secluded plateau is no longer a place of serenity and meditation. The monks are gone, but a presence lingers..."

DM Ashina Shrine is a highly vertical Deathmatch map with many layers, sneaky ledges and jumps. In lieu of traditional spawn rooms, players drop in from above, allowing them to start brawling wherever they want.

- Features Japanese-style architecture, inspired especially by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

- Fall damage is completely nullified. This map is about movement and lots of vertical play - jump freely from roof to roof!

- Sentries are disabled on this map for balancing reasons. Dispensers and Teleporters can still be built, however.

- Comes with Medieval Mode-enabled variant (_mm).