Disconnected advanced defending spawn for CP A/D

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    Currently in this three-stage CP A/D map I have, it's infeasible to have a single RED spawn with an exit to 3B and a shortcut exit to 3A, and I don't want it to be like Egypt where there is no advanced spawn at all. So I put an advanced spawn near 3A that isn't connected to the 3B one.

    The problem is I don't really like what the implications of this are.
    • If RED players want to abandon a lost 3A and go set up on 3B, they have to trudge through BLU's attack and through the rest of the map.
    • Once 3A is capped, everyone in the RED spawn has to leave before the doors actually lock, but even if the resupply is shut off BLU has no real way to force them out (as with the shortcuts in Dustbowl and Goldrush).
    • It'll be super-easy to backcap 3B, since RED players will only spawn there once 3A is capped.
    I do have some ideas to deal with this, but none of them seem particularily appealing:
    • Have a point_teleport in 3A that takes players to the 3B spawn. Simple and easy to understand with correct signage/proppage, but I feel like there's a stigma from using a point_teleport.
    • Reverse this idea, and instead give spawners at 3B the option to teleport to 3A, instead of having anyone actually spawn there. It's still a teleport though.
    • Have an exit from the advanced spawn that leads to somewhere between 3A and 3B; let BLU into the spawnroom once 3A is capped to flush the place out, but not into the corridor of the new exit, and the corridor locks both its sides once both it and the spawnroom are empty. Seems like a reasonable way to give RED an emergency exit, but no one likes long empty corridors, and they'll still have to take a somewhat long walk to 3B.
    • Force-respawn RED players in the advanced spawn when 3A is capped, so they warp to 3B. It would work, but Barnblitz does it, and I find it so ridiculously aggrevating.
    What seems like the best option?