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Disable player's ability to carry the flag.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Aki, May 5, 2010.

  1. Aki

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    Hello all. I'm with a gaming group that for some unfathomable reason loves the RTD mod. I absolutely abhor the thing but I've been outvoted multiple times. However, I have gotten the concession that if I can modify the code so that a player under a RTD effect can't carry the flag they'll implement it.

    So is this an effect that can be applied to a character? I've noted in the code that all RTD does is activate a console command for the player - some that can be used to great effect (no_clip, godmode, etc) and others not so much.

    For obvious reasons we've had trouble with people rolling buffed health or godmode and then walking in to take the intelligence even if the room has multiple sentries.

    Again - I'm not looking for arguments as to why this mod is broken, unbalanced, and generally no fun -- you're preaching to the choir. But if I can prevent a punk from rolling godmode and then carrying the intelligence freely that would restore at least a little balance.

    I understand this is a mod question more than a server question - but I don't know of a location to get modding tips and advice.
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  3. Firest0rm

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    if you can't get any other help, you could probably just make RTD'd players simply drop the flag the moment they pick it up
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