Demo vs Scouts 2017-08-07

Browser game made for Summer 2017 Jam

  1. TheKlin

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    Demo vs Scouts - Browser game made for Summer 2017 Jam

    Hello, I made browser game in Construct 2.
    Introducing: Demo vs Scouts. Playable version >Here<, source code submited.

    Coding by me, graphics by Tyt00s

    Warning for headphones users, sounds are to loud. Tough with time.
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  2. MegapiemanPHD

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    Fun but rather difficult only being able to use sticky bombs. I also came across a bug where I can keep placing bombs on the game over screen which messes up the sticky bomb counter. Good work anyway, didn't expect anyone to make a game for the jam.
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  3. ampyeen

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    All the frustration of fighting scouts with zero of the control that comes with a sticky launcher. I think the scouts are a touch bit... Heat seeking? Maybe you should try making shotgun scouts be the starting enemy since you could (potentially) dodge the shotgun pellets and not have them be chasers that are kind of difficult of disposing. You can sneak the first one but after that it's hard.

    Good job though, I wanna see if you take this further somehow.
  4. HolySnickerPuffs

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    This is an incredibly fun game, however I have to say that it's really hard.

    The one medium and ammo pack in game doesn't feel like enough. Just before I got to the engineer I had only 12 stickybombs left, and 10 health.

    Also, the crate shielding the first scout you encounter isn't solid to stickybombs, allowing for an easy first kill.
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