delay before reset broken?

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    EDIT: let's clarify.

    I'm using the "Delay before reset" function of a trigger_multiple. I want the trigger to be available to use again only 10 seconds after it's been used.
    I set it to 10 seconds in my trigger_multiple but I can still go back and forth through it anytime and it activates instantly...

    Is it because I use OnStartTouch for the input? Is that a known "that feature's broken in TF2" bug to you guys?

    Could somebody test that quckly?
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    Try using OnTrigger instead of OnStartTouch. Although the difference with this is that if a player stayed in the trigger area, it would re-fire every 10 seconds.

    If you need to use OnStartTouch, you could have the trigger Disable itself and then Enable after 10 seconds.