KotH Defective A2


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Dec 17, 2017
Defective - The once broken bridge

When i was creating this map, I took a lot of hydro, because I really like the style of it. So, here it is.
Leave your feedback, suggest your ideas and find bugs!


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May 31, 2018
Hello forceful!

One of the main things is some of the areas may need cutting down a bit like the area going from spawn to the first building so there's a bit less empty space to run through. Another space to possibly think about cutting down is the area to the other side of spawn and/or putting some health/another route or cover and such to encourage players to go over there since there isn't much encouraging them to use that area at the moment and it's quite wide.

There should probably be a bit more cover in middle aswell to help people get over there and to make snipers less powerful from what they can see shooting out of the windows. A map that this middle sort of reminds me of is powerhouse with the buildings/shape of the point and the long area to the side that takes you to the other side.

The map doesn't have many healthpacks and some of them maybe should be bigger since they are further away from the point such as the mini health pack behind the window.

And finally the way you get from spawn to the first building could do with moving/adding another door as currently the other team can watch both entrances fairly easily and from above on the metal platform

A minor thing/bug is standing ontop of the prop on the spawndoor to the side makes the door go up and down rapidly although it's only on the blu spawn.

It looks interesting so far and goodluck with it!


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Dec 17, 2017
I made a lot of changes since A1 version, here's the list of it:
• Skybox changed.
• CP was moved to the middle of bridge.
• Windows near CP were deleted.
• A pass near the spawn was opened.
• Changes in the first building.
• Added an extension to the first building.
• Door changes.
• Other minor changes.

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