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    This is pretty much my first ever map (to be released to the public at least). I decided to start with a very simple idea for a CTF map that would take no more than a few days to create with my little knowledge of hammer. Even though it's no Picasso, it's a good starting point!

    Constructive Criticism is always welcome!

    -Implement Resupply
    -3D Skybox
    -Fix some visual mishaps
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    I want to point out that I do like the theme of a subterranean base that you've got going. I also think that the rooms are big enough and the flag room is big enough for sentry ambushes :) The rooms might be too easy for demos to take out sentries. hidden around the corners. Perhaps make a small hallway leading to the flag rooms.

    If at all possible I'd like to look over a canyon.... if not seal off the entire 'outside' area and make it an interior overlooking lava :) The edge is nice, and you need a few broken hand railings here and there :) Pyros will have fun blowing people to their doom.

    The underground tunnel let's call it, there are a few spaces for spies to hide, but I'd like more spy nooks. Its too easy to just shoot straight ahead and have the possibility of shooting a cloaked spy. Perhaps extend the scaffold from the spawn area over and through or too the wall with some windows.

    I think that you need to draw more focus on the doors leading to the interior. They are kind of shadowed. Signs, lights, maybe a little spot light on the doors just to draw attention :)

    There should be some sniper points in the outside. Sniper points that are off the ground on a balcony through windows. You can still use the dump trucks for cover of course. Right now I foresee the snipers just standing on the ground and sniping through the dump trucks like its a Minecraft trade server.

    I don't think your ceilings match up to the tops of your walls.

    Hopefully this is constructive criticism and I'd like to see you continue it, because this isn't just a box map like everyone else's first map. Keep going. You'll get there :)
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    It's nice to see that you are exited about mapping!

    For a first map it looks good. You can only go up from here :D

    From what I can see from the pictures your rooms don't make much sense. Either they are very open with only a couple props in them or very cramped. That kind of areas don't play well and aren't very fun to play in. You should look at some guides about measures in tf2 and study some of the Valve maps. Usually the way Valve does things is the best way.

    Finish this map and take all the knowledge you gathered from this experience and your next map will be a lot better.
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    -changed setting
    -removed huge generator in the mid-house to make more space.

    Gonna make some big changes with A3 that will effect the layout. However it'll come after my contest entry.

    also thanks for the criticism.
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    Oh my god, that first screenshot, is that all one red environment light? it looks very dark as well. Please add more natural colored light, and more light in general.
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    Avoid saturated colors on lights in general. Unless it's a small detail light you shouldn't go beyond white lights tinted with color.
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