Decide what map to finish off

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What map to finish off

  1. Option A - Goldrush-style Payload map with abyss

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  2. Option B - CTF map high above ground

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  3. Option C i - Zombie Fortress payload with the "cart" being a (buggy) fortress

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  4. Option C ii - Regular TF2 payload with the "cart" being a (buggy) fortress

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  1. zornor

    zornor L4: Comfortable Member

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    OK right now as an intermediate mapper (an intermediate mapper who just can't finish a map :glare:) I have come across a problem: I have no idea which one of my maps to finish (see Exhibit B, due to certain problems.

    OPTION A - pl_abyss

    Goldrush style Payload map, along a generically sort of themed track. There was a rather regular hazard of an abyss for the player to avoid (I made a couple of threads about this map already.) The layout forms a shape like one of those awareness ribbons, going either above or below itself.

    There were a couple of problems I ran into with this map which forced me to quit it:
    a) Only one spawn point in the entire map worked.
    b) I made it in a way which made it horrible to optimise.

    OPTION B - ctf_cradle

    A CTF map, high above a satellite dish. Inspired by Goldeneye's Cradle level (though since that was not symetrical it's consolidated a little to both suit the theme and TF2 gameplay). Except there's a lot less handrails here, so people can be pushed off.

    I have two gripes with this map
    a) It is probably impossible to optimise this map well.
    b) To attempt to optimise it, I tried to make alot of the pillars holding the cradle etc in the skybox, which is a giant pain in the ass to align properly.

    OPTION C - zf_pl_fortress OR pl_fortress

    A payload map, probably in the style of Badwater, where the attacking team captures the top of a building just outside the spawn. Then it rises out of the ground and they stand on top of this building to push it along. It has an invulnerable sentry and a cart dispenser on it (but in different places on the building so Engies can't just turtle next to the sentry giving it ammo).

    Also I'll be more specific with this option: should it be a normally themed Payload map designed for generic servers (minus the fort of course) or should it be designed for Zombie Fortress, with a touch of horror and designed for play with zombies on BLU?

    There's also problems with THIS one.
    a) Collision box is totally (cover your ears ladies) fucked. See Exhibit B: (Red ghost is showing an approximation of the actual collision box)
    b) It is in fact, 180 degress on its head. I hate you, func_tracktrain!

    So help me decide, and maybe, maybe, I'll plaster my map in overlays or something :p
  2. GrimGriz

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    I vote for cradle, as if you hurry it could be popular during the OMG NEW STUFF WE HAS TO PLAY SCOUT 111ONE!! phase
  3. Mexican Apple Thief

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    Cradle sounds fun.
  4. Vigilante212

    Vigilante212 L7: Fancy Member

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    Ask yourself which map you want to complete the most. even if problems exist if you want to complete it, its worth redesigning or going over the entity problems to make it functional.
  5. Supersausagedog

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    Totally should be zombie fort payload buggy, that sounds cool, fun, would work with the mod, adn a lot more original than the other ideas. (Not that theres anything wrong with using old gamemode and play, just new stuff tathats taht cool has to be done).
  6. zornor

    zornor L4: Comfortable Member

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    The results are saying Option A but the replies are saying Option B. I think I'll wait it out a little longer before I proceed. I must admit, I thought that Option C would be winning D:
  7. zornor

    zornor L4: Comfortable Member

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    and in case you can't tell from my steam name i'm capped