Custom spawn times and Reduced spawn time servers

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    In a custom map, you can adjust spawn times with the tf_gamerules entity. For example, when a point is capped, you can reduce the spawn time for Blu by 5 seconds.

    I do this through my pl_cave map, each point Blu captures gives them a spawn advantage, as much as 3 second to Blu vs 10 seconds to Red as the cart approaches the end of the round.

    Now I don't care for instant respawn servers, of course a map will bee unbalanced, thus I disregard any balance feedback from instant respawn servers, as the map was not designed for them.

    However some servers, including one I regularly play test on, just have reduced spawn times, for example, instead of 10 seconds at the start of the round for Both teams, they starts witch 7 second spawn times.

    I'm fine with this, the Blu should still have the spawn advantage. However there is something i've noticed, which i'm hoping can be confirmed by other custom mappers.

    If on the reduced spawn server, a map decreases the spawn time to zero (you can see spawn times by typing "mp_showspawntimes" in the console. It turns out a team with a spawn time of 0 can still end up waiting almost 10 seconds to spawn, thus I think 0 kind of messes things up.

    A solution would be instead of reduced the spawn time with an input of 'addrespawntime' '-5' seconds, instead directly set it with the input, like 'setrespawntime' '5' seconds.

    Just something I think i'd point out, when setting for spawn times, some servers may want reduced ones, but you may have to make sure the minimum never drops below 1.