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    DOWNLOAD : Template Collection V4

    So what exactly is this?

    This is set of text files containing templates for bunch of custom robots you can use on your MvM map, making your life little bit easier when managing your custom enemies.

    Custom Enemies


    Blaster Scout
    Pretty much normal scout but uses Baby Face's Blaster instead of normal scattergun.

    Pistol Scout
    Scout using winger, has more health than normal scout.

    Shortstop Scout
    Pretty much normal scout but uses Shortstop instead of normal scattergun.

    Marker Scout
    Fast scout that tries to mark everyone for death.

    Guillotine Scout
    Scout who throws guillotines at you.


    Tank Buster Soldier
    Soldier using full Tank Buster item set.

    Giant Tank Buster Soldier
    Giant version of tank buster soldier, has higher firing rate than normal soldier.

    Cow-Mangler Soldier
    Soldier using Cow-Mangler instead of normal rocket launcher.

    Giant Cow-Mangler Soldier
    Giant version of cow-mangler soldier, has much higher firing rate than normal soldier.

    Laser Soldier
    Soldier using bison that has higher firing rate than normal bison.

    The General
    Soldier meant to be used as squad leader, has buff banner and liberty launcher.

    Samurai Soldier
    Soldier only using katana with permanent crits on it.

    Giant Escape Plan Soldier
    Giant soldier only using escape plan, it becomes almost fast as giant scout when on low health.

    Direct Hit Soldier
    Soldier using direct hit instead of normal rocket launcher.

    Concheror Soldier
    Concheror version of buff soldier.


    Backburner Pyro
    Pyro using backburner instead of normal flamethrower.

    Phlogistinator Pyro
    Pyro using phlogistinator instead of normal flamethrower.

    Large pyro with much higher health than normal pyro, uses sharpened volcano fragment

    Flare Pyro
    Pyro who only uses his flare gun.

    Axe Pyro
    Pyro only using his axe, comes in 4 different variants. (Axe, Axtinguisher, Backscratcher, Powerjack)


    Loch and Load Demoman
    Demoman using loch and load instead of normal pipebomb launcher.

    Giant Loch and Load Demoman
    Giant rapid fire variant of loch and load demoman.

    Stickybomb Demoman
    Demoman only using his sticky bomb launcher with higher firing rate. Harmless alone, deadly in groups.

    Skullcutter Demoman
    Demoman only using targe and skullcutter.

    Persian Demoknight
    Demoknight that uses persian set instead of normal demoknight set.


    Giant Steel Gauntlet
    Giant version of normal steel gauntlet, not much to say here really.

    Natascha Heavy
    Heavy using natascha instead of normal minigun.

    Mobster Heavy
    Heavy using tomislav instead of normal minigun.

    Big Heavy
    Larger version of normal heavy using brass beast.

    Triad Heavy
    Heavy using Huo Long's Heat instead of normal minigun.

    Shotgun Heavy
    Heavy with more health using a shotgun with higher firing rate.


    Kritz Medic
    Kritzkrieg variant of normal uber medic.

    Giant Medic
    Giant version of quick-fix medic.

    Battle Medic
    Blutsauger medic that is here to kill people, not to heal his teammates.

    Machina Sniper
    Sniper using machina instead of normal sniper rifle, unable to use other weapons.

    Professional Sniper
    Sniper using hitman's heatmaker and has slight health boost.

    SMG Sniper
    Sniper only using cleaner's carbine, has rather nasty aim.

    Jarate Master
    Jarate, jarate everywhere.

    Kunai Spy
    Spy with normal spy health using kunai.

    Cloak and Dagger Spy
    Spy using cloak and dagger.

    Icy Spy
    Spy using enforcer and spycicle.


    Version 2

    - Removed Suicide Demoman because he was a coward.
    - Removed Brawler Heavies and turn Elite ones into Giant Steel Gauntlets.
    - Change difficulty level on most bots to Normal instead of Expert.
    - Added misc templates.
    - Added Stickybomb Demoman.
    - Added Skullcutter Demoman
    - Added Persian Demoknight
    - Added Direct Hit Soldier
    - Added Concheror Soldier
    - Added Giant Escape Plan Soldier

    Version 3

    - Fixed bunch of issues related to hats, skill level and such.
    - Fixed broken template for Pyromaniac.
    - Added Marker Scout
    - Added Axe Pyros
    - Added Professional Sniper

    Version 4

    - Added Battle Medic
    - Added Guillotine Scout
    - Added Jarate Master
    - Added behavior modifiers on few templates so the robots do what they are supposed to do.
    - Removed the extra health from pistol scouts.
    - Made concheror soldier actually use his concheror.
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    It's a bad idea to have two kinds of FoS Heavies with the same hat but one has 600HP. Making all bots Expert is also not needed. The Winger Scout also randomly gets 200HP. There's some other random health values too. And the Caber Demo gets "move speed bonus 1" which doesn't change anything.

    Other than all those small issues it's kinda solid... but what's the point? It's a bunch of bots with a different item each. It takes like 5 seconds to write yourself and should always be custom made to fit your map (or at least be a unique setup if you don't make them for a specific map) anyway.
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    I probably remove the normal FoS heavies because i just realise there is already FoS heavies in MvM to begin with
    Winger Scouts get extra health so they can survive little better so they can actually be a threat, tough i might just change their health back to normal and speed bonus is accidental leftover when i was messing with attributes on caber demoman.

    What's the point? Nothing special really, it is just there to make things quicker/easier for lazy people and throw some interesting custom robot ideas around. If people want to make the robots fit their map theme, these all are easily edited.
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    Updated, decided to add templates for support classes too.
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    Updated again, that is enough of updates for a while now.
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    You haven't been on since last year, and the thread hasn't been updated since 2012, but If you see this post can you fix the download? This could help a lot of people with their MvM missions.
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    You could try using, it's a little buggy from what I remember but it should work fine for quickly making bot templates.