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    I was looking for threads which describe how to change the intel's model in a map.
    Since all related threads saying it was possible with some trade-offs are dated around 2008, I assume Valve managed to change the intel's behaviour, that you can use your own custom intel model without problems and even get the paper sprites away, right? (at least that's what I was testing successfully in offline mode)

    So, if there are no problems with that, the next thing would be modeling a new intel.

    Is there a way to get the original intel model as 3ds-max friendly format? Or at least some definitions for height/width/length and which rotation works for carrying the flag on the player's back. This would save some trial&error for me...
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    There's a field in the intel's properties to use a custom model.
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    Use this guide to decompile the model and be able to open it in 3dsmax, then make your own and compile it. Use the custom model field to set the intels prop in hammer.