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    Here’s a site that you can customize graph paper – you adjust the settings and it outputs to a printable PDF:
    If you’re wanting to plan a map, here’s the settings I found to work out best:
    -Leave size unless you want to print on legal.
    -Leave grid line weight.
    -Change grid spacing to make 8x8 sections, I used:
    Largest: .25
    Medium: 2
    Smallest: 16
    The largest grid line probably won’t mean much while mapping, but I wouldn’t want to get any smaller on the smallest grid, you really could put 0 there, but having 4 big sections doesn’t hurt.
    - I change color to green, but that's just me

    I find this paper useful even if I'm only sketching out ideas. It really helps to get a better idea of proportions when you look back at your sketches even if you didn't worry about staying on the lines, etc - just sketch away and the lines give you a better idea of what you drew when you go to put it into hammer. They also help while doing the sketching itself...
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    Nice find, very useful!