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KotH Culture

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by MR JO, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. MR JO

    MR JO L1: Registered

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    Hello there!

    Here I an with another map, last map that i did was AWFUL:thumbdown: since it was my first.

    It came to a6 and then i sort of gave up on it.
    after a few weeks of taking a break from mapping i came back with another map!:O

    Enjoy and please give me feedback for future updates!
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  2. Egan

    aa Egan

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    The map looks very large, flat, and open, and will probably be boring to play in its current state. Don't be afraid to completely change the shape of an area by thrusting a corner inwards, or breaking up a regular wall all-together. Flat generally equals boring.

    Also you might want to change the light env settings. Currently the dark areas are too dark, and the light areas look pretty gross tbh.
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  3. biskuu

    biskuu L2: Junior Member

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    At the moment it seems like your map has a lot of open space which makes it look very dull and snipers are powerful on it.
    Try making some walls or using props like barrels and crates on certain areas that can block some visibility on important points of the map.
    Also, work a little bit on your lighting, the map lighting looks very yellow while the sky is completely blue.
    I'd suggest you pick a skybox to use from here (copy+paste it's name on your Map Properties) and create a light_environment entity with the appropriate light values so that you can get your map nice looking.
    I can give you a little help if you want to share your .vmf with me :)
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