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CTF ctf_welper A2


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Sep 1, 2018
ctf_welper - My attempt at a CTF map.

This is a map I made after making two other maps I wasn't satisfied with. Hopefully this plays better than my last attempt.


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Jul 10, 2017
So this is quite good for a second published map, but it may be a bit large and ambitious. I would try more low smaller maps, but its all your choice. Now for some feedback!
I found this section really cool, geometry wise:

But this mid spot is way too large. The platform in the middle is only accessible through jumping classes. Not even a scout with the atomizer was able to use it:

This drop down from spawn gave me a heart attack the first time i used it, maybe put some signs around the door (not too many though) or reroute it.

And finally, even though its one way, its usually not a god idea to put a door from spawn to the Intel, i would at least make the classes walk around 3 more corners:

Otherwise, I like this map. Its walls seem a bit tall for now in mid, but at a later update you could easily scale them down and make themed buildings out of them. Also, the stairs a re a tad deep in some places.

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Aug 22, 2018
Ill give some feedback too!

WARNING, its from my point of view, so dont take is seriously

One of the worst bugs i found in your map is that sentries can SHOOT THROUGH DOORS! I accidentaly found it when I was checking the sentry spots with bots. Second, Some areas are extremely strong defense points, for example when you enter enemy base and there is that long staircase that leads up, just at the end of it you can put sentry and it will cover an entire area and it may be very hard to get through and the only way to counter this is to get on the upper side, but only soldiers and demos can get there. the briefcase area is also pretty hard to push, but gladly the outside stairs compensate better movement. Next is my personal opinion: the roof above the windows are kinda awkward and makes the space smaller. Also I agree with everything that yoyoyo pointed at. Map itself is neat, but needs some improvements.

I hope i helped you in some way


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