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    Hello everyone,

    Since this is my first post i would like to thanks active users in this forum for all your tutotials. :thumbup:

    So, you will find below some screenshots of my first TF2 map. It's still in alpha version but i would like to have your remarks to not continue completly in wrong direction for some stuffs you could see.

    I didn't put the general layout, it's a short symetric front face CTF map. The half house on screenshot is the middle of the map and the dev textured part is a 4-5 rooms building with intelligence. There is sewer too but not on screens. So only first respawn and waterfall area is texture and prop advanced.

    Thanks for your feeling.

    Respawn room #1 :

    Respawn room exit :

    Waterfall front view :

    Waterfall Intelligence side view :

    From sniper spot left :

    Intelligence builiding view :