72hr ctf_cavern 2017-02-12

Mannpower map made for the 72 Hour Jam.

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    ctf_cavern - Mannpower map made for the 72 Hour Jam.

    I have done nothing but map for three days straight.

    help me

    A hastily made symmetrical Mannpower map that takes place between some sort of rock face that delves into a cavern of some sort filled with lava.

    Used a decompiled version of Hellfire as a reference for some things like the revenge crit system, flags, ect and Dustbowl for lighting data.
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  2. zahndah

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    This is a super cool mannpower map, but i think it might be a bit too big for mannpower even? those underground caves really do feel expansive but they might just be a little bit too big. I'm not certain on that though.