CTF_2Garrison A2

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Cole Slaw

L2: Junior Member
Feb 26, 2015
Hey you guys! My name's Cole Slaw! I'm back and better than ever for 2020, and what better way to come back from a retirement than updating a map you made 2 years ago?

Let me know what you think!

  • In General:
    - A large portion of the map was overhauled because it was bad. This may have resulted in issues that I have missed and/or created. Let me know of any glaring, obvious issues you find with things like lighting or
  • Updated Mid
    - The entirety of mid was extended by ~700 units to open up the playspace
    - Mid Bridge was extended, and a small health pack was added underneath.
    - The pillars in front of the entrance to Electric were changed to thin wood walls, and cutouts were added.
    - Buildings were added to provide cover and height variation
    - The extensions on the Battlements Spawn were moved to the side to provide an alternate route to the battlements.
    - Hollowed out an area connecting from Battlements to the top of the Mid Buildings to provide easy access to and from the rooves
  • Updated Back of Battlements
    - Added a small pillar-shack-thing to flesh the gameplay space out a bit.
    - Opened up a route to Back of Battlements from Computer Corridor on top of the pillar-shack-thing
    - Added a small ledge to connect Back of Battlements to Computer Corridor via the pillar-shack-thing
    - Added a third route to the all-new flag room (more on that later) under Computer Corridor
  • Updated Resupply
    - The Underground Spawn was removed. I don't know why I thought this was a good idea. Just cause things work in QWTF don't mean they'll work here, I guess :p
    - Moved the health packs from below left to where The Underground Spawn was
    - Shortened the area where said health packs were to be flush with the lower entrance
    - Pushed the stairs back towards the health packs to open up the lower area
    - Moved the left entrance to the flag room to the top right corridor
  • Overhauled Flag Room
    - The old one was crap so I remade it from scratch
    - Don't know what else to say tbh

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Cole Slaw

L2: Junior Member
Feb 26, 2015
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