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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Yaram, Oct 29, 2012.

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    This is my third TF2 map. (The previous 2 were very bad) I hope you enjoy it. It isn't fully completed yet, but I thought it was at a releasable state so I decided to upload it.
  2. WolfKit

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    It's really square. I feel like it would be more interesting if you added in some angles. Also, the only height variation I can see looks like it is only reachable by explosives jumping. Some battlements might help counteract those classes.
  3. Burnout6010

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    We need a top view of the map :S
    Otherwise, looks good but for the fact that there is not much height variation besides that thing at mid like WolfKit said
    Inside only maps usually give advantage to demoman
  4. Tarry H Sruman

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    Your point room looks like it is too small and too flat. It's going to be a big clusterfuck of people pouring in from all entrances and explosion spamming at each other from short range, which isn't a desirable result. Try opening it up and adding in some different height levels. In KotH it's best for there to be some kind of high ground overlooking the point, so it's easier for the attackers to capture it.