CP cp_waterworks a9

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Jan 16, 2018
This actually pretty good I'm sad you stopped working on it. Don't worry about bumping into someone else in the small pool of possible names. (So few make it to being heavily played and far less make it to official but this one deserves to)

You seem to understand that most maps that are all about being wide and open foregoing the fast and team-oriented gameplay that is core to the game eventually flop. Warmfront, Granary, Cardinal, Reckoner (a lot of other non-cp maps) will probably never be legitimate (or ever again) maps because they don't encompass the core gameplay of TF2. Compared to the 6's community favorites process and gully.
You also have your own map style which would also be refreshing too. (there aren't any 6's maps with heavy water-based assets)

You'd definitely have to trim and refine the layout but the base design and theme are fire.

I could definitely see changing the fences to a dam for blue and a waterfall for red so the map box is more "realistic". And then the ramps could be grass or some other ground asset and the orange floor could be river bank and water (you can make those a lot higher. You definitely need to do something with the high ground half-circles. Maybe all the points could be something that references water?

gwd. Ķ-Ő-₣-Ť˺

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Feb 2, 2016
Thanks! I stopped working on it because of other stuff like I had some people who wanted me to finish my other map, and I got a new comp, and holiday stuff but I'm trying to get working on stuff again.

When you say that I need to make the river bank higher, do you mean in second, the orange textures below point? And when you say the half-circles, you mean those at mid? I strove to have more rounded edges and things in this map, hence the heavy usage of circles and semi-circles, but I can admit when I didn't execute that too well. What could you recommend for those fixes? Do you think they're too strong of high ground?