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    Hey all. Presenting the first "decent" map I've made.

    This is a snow-themed industrial Hydro-style A/D Map. It's not going to be published until the map can be played without some important annoyances. (And it's far from complete.)
    This is currently the first part of the map, that's going to be a three part map.

    I whipped up a Youtube video with *gasp* bots to demonstrate. (Yes, that's DirectX 8)

    Now to write up all the problems I've encountered so far. This is an on-going list, and it would be handy if you guys can point out to me flaws by observing the pics and the video, and I'll write them down (to tackle them later on). The list goes as:
    • There are cubemaps in the map, but TF2 crashes as soon as I use the buildcubemaps command.
    • It is questionable if I should keep the BLU Spawn Field as is or make it alot of interiour. (Less snow, more building.))
    • BLU Spawn Snow: Need to make that snow navigable without sudden bumps.
    • The building between Point A and Point B. Seems like it could use "something".
    • Building heights. Are they good as is, or should I increase them? (Note: The RED Building WILL be taller.))
    • The lighting. That is all.
    • A lack of heights.
    • The emptiness of the front lines of the first point.
    That's so far what I've got. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    My only issue is by snow-filled hydro setting, you get white buildings, white snow, and white-grey rocks. Making the buildings darker could solve this.

    Anyway, that's not what you're here for. The lack of height variation does look troublesome, and i dont think people like doors right next to points; to easy to leap out and ambush cappers.
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    Height Variation: Someone agrees with me, so I'd place that on important priority.
    Doors next to caps: Now that I think of it, you have a point. I better rethink the mapping between Point A & Point B.
    Thanks for the advice.

    I'll take that advice, the first thing that comes to mind about this problem is the big passageway between A & B.