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    Hey all, this is my first attempt at making a TF2 map so any insight or tips would be very much appreciated.

    The map is a 3-point control point map and I've tried my best to make it fun for all classes. It's %100 symmetrical as far as gameplay is concerned, since I didn't want one side to have any sort of advantage.

    The basic idea for the map is that there was an abandoned train depot which Red and Blu both want access to, so they each built their base beside it, and now they are fighting to control the area.

    I haven't done much optimization (Hints or AreaPortals) since I'm still learning about those, but I did do Clip brushes.

    Anyways, tell me what you think. You can get the map here:

    And here are some screenshots.

    For some reason it didn't render the spawn rooms in the overhead, or the red base CP (same spot as Blu). The spawns are in the top left and bottom right.

    This is the Blu base CP, the red is the same. Red players have to go into side rooms and come back around to the CP, whereas Blu has a straight path from their spawn.

    Here is the Blue mid room. from this room you can choose any of the 3 entryways into the center CP.

    Here is the same room on the Red side.

    I don't know how attachments work, but here is a picture of the center CP (and where I got the name from). I had forgot to include it when I uploaded the map to FPSBanana.