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Apr 7, 2017
cp_fanbase - Halo 2's Zanzibar has a giant fan, I wonder what will happen if I put that in a tf2 map...

halo 2 zanzibar inspired 3 point A/D map, gravelpit style. Last point has a giant deadly fan on it, when capping B the fan will stop spinning.


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Apr 7, 2017

All capture points now have signs and names.

Shortened capture time for all points.

The fan now starts rotating at a speed impossible to walk through, but upon captureing the B point it will rotate slowly, but is still able to kill you. (instead of stopping completely) capturing the last point now also stops the fan from spinning.

Changed train kill icon to blast.

Added more cover to the C and A points.

Added more health and ammo packs.

Tweaked some lighting.

Changed the blue spawn so red is unable to spam stickies in it.

Moved the visualizers for blue further back so attack B will be harder.

Switched the skybox to trainyard.

A point now has more detail and the below area is flooded.

Added more signs and fixed a leak.

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Apr 2, 2017
I saw the name and was instantly interested, then when I realized it was a play on words, I don't really know how to describe how I felt.