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The Asylum

The Clown Prince of Mapping
Apr 5, 2008
When I got my own server, I figured I'd throw a failed experiment of a map on there, cp_cagematch_b4. Those that played it on Gameday a few moons ago had some less than kind things to say about it, but to my surprise, pubbers on my server actually liked it. Thus I figured I'd begin anew with cp_cagematch_b5


One of the main gripes people had with b4 was how dark it was. I was attempting to re-create the style of the 70sm style TV wrestling broadcasts, where everything except the ring was in darkness. Then I decided that theme should take priority over style (as discussed in yet another MeleeFort thread), and made everything bright and outdoors.


Looks different, right? That's because I remade everything from scratch. Except for the team shields from Pipeball making a cameo appearance.


Layout-wise, everything is the same from b4, except for two new exits from the spawnroom, and a better pathway up to the top of the spawnbox


Also made a little spytech bit in the spawnrooms


Also carried over from B4 is the 2-in-1 control point. So you can cap that single CP-


- just as easily as they can. No more see-sawing.


You knew that screen would be in here didn't you? BAH GAWD STONE COLD!! STONE COLD!! STONE COLD!!!