cp_arena (beta 1)

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    *Renamed and Uploaded again. Had a few small fixes I missed earlier today*

    Started off as a "review" of all the tools again and learning a few things like displacements and just kept working on it till it came to this. I know how mappers out there are against arena style maps but like I said, this started off as a review/small project to get started with mapping again so by the time I have it in its final stages I hope to have it at Valve+ quality, not a fy_iceworld quality. This is my first release of a map so please leave feedback as I will continue to improve on this.

    Issues I am aware of:
    - Displacements are still "blocky", working on increasing my displacement skills still so gimme a break :p
    - Odd lighting/flickering on the left and right "Huts" *fixed 4-1-08* -Thanks Narkissus, idk how i missed the props name :/
    - No sky since I like the atmosphere it has right now
    - No HDR
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    That could be prop/model textures. Check to see if the textures have prop infront of them and then just replace them if they do and that will go away.