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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Kinrah, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Kinrah

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    Mandolin is a single-stage payload map, with four points. There are three RED spawn rooms and one BLU one; as the points are captured, RED is forced back and additional routes open up out of the BLU area.

    (Previous incarnations: pl_courtyard, pl_rockfall)

    The Doors Updated for Alpha 1

    There are three doors that open after caps in this map.

    Courtyard to B
    This door opens when A has been capped, and reveals an additional route to B.

    Courtyard Divider
    This opens when C has been capped, and provides a route between the two halves of the courtyard. (This could also possibly be opened when B is capped; however, I'm concerned about BLU coming through and simply attacking RED from the opposite side. The door to B isn't so bad.)

    Second Courtyard Setup Gate
    There are four setup gates, three of which open at the end of setup; the last leads from the spawn directly out to C, so it opens when C has been capped.

    Known Bugs Updated for Alpha 1

    • When approaching the final point, the cart seems to trigger the world to shake. I'm not sure what's doing this.
    • A corridor between areas B and D is unusually dark for the lighting in it, pending replacement.
    • When the cart captures the final point, it continues into the pit at the speed it was at prior to capture, instead of accelerating to full speed. This generally means that the explosion happens just before the teams switch.
    • There is a transparency/reflection issue regarding the glass in the level, especially the glass on the floor of the last RED spawn. I'm not sure if the cubemaps are to blame.
    • I'm unsure whether to class the signs in the courtyard as misleading; they're intended to show what point is needed to open the door.

    Feedback would be appreciated on the current positions of health and ammunition, as well as on balancing.

    Additional credits go to the creators of the Lighting and Gametype Libraries. Without them, I'd be pretty much stuffed.
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  2. StickZer0

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    I do believe that there is already another wonderfully created map under the name of koth_courtyard, so you're going to need a new name.

    It looks a tad dark but certainly interesting. I'll look out for it if it's on gameday anytime soon.
  3. Kinrah

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    Blast; ok, thank you for pointing that out.
  4. J4CK8

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    Yeah sorry about that xD There are/were also a couple of others had that name.

    Layout looks quite good, likeing the bridge and lights in the first screenshot, but I disagree about it being too dark, looks fine to me, playtesting will reveal all though.

    Most likely due to the cart triggering an env_shake entity. Check the inputs on the env_shake if you have one and make sure if there are any inputs coming from a path_track that it is the correct path_track
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  5. Beanz

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    I do like the lighting you've placed, but I agree it seems just a smidgen dark. Can't comment on play until tested.
  6. nik

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    I rather like this from what I can see, specifically the second screenshot!
  7. Hanz

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    There are already 4 maps with that name or so. :0
  8. Kinrah

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    Post gameday: Critical issues to be fixed for A2

    -Lighting is to be dramatically improved.
    -Some changes are to be made to the first two red spawns in order to attempt to prevent spawncamping.
    -The initially closed door from BLU is going to be reworked entirely to stop people queuing up there at the end of setup.
    -Signs are to be added and changed accordingly to stop people from going the wrong way.
    -Props are to be added in areas to decrease sightlines slightly.
    -The skybox roof will be lifted.
    -The cap point used under the final point will be removed and replaced with the regular payload checkpoint.

    Other details may come when I get the STV demo.
  9. Kinrah

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    Progress bump: No compile for alpha 2 yet, I've still got huge gaps in the brushes where I've raised the skybox.

    The map is now called Mandolin, instead of Courtyard. The only real reason for this is because a friend suggested it, and I couldn't see any other maps with this name. If a mod could helpfully rename the thread it would be appreciated.

    But anyway, here's the progress I've got so far towards Alpha 2.

    The skybox has been changed from that of Pipeline to that of Hydro. This ought to help significantly in the lighting issue.

    The first defending Spawn has been moved from its old position to a new position slightly further back, in the tunnel chokepoint. I am considering moving it further back still.

    The second defending Spawn has been moved slightly further back inside its building, so it no longer emerges into a very narrow corridor.

    The exit to the C-Side of the Courtyard from the attacking spawn has been replaced with a pair of solid no-entry doors, and a slightly different layout, negating the need for that stupid barrier in the middle of the spawn area. The red and green lights have been removed.

    The signs in the A-Side courtyard, which in A1 pointed left to C and right to A, now point left to D and right to B. Also, a moving sign has been added to rise up in the tunnel between B and C, pointing players in the right direction towards D.

    I was originally going to add a slew of props between the attacking spawn and the first point, but instead I've added a building which the cart passes through, offering sentry positions, cover, and a Sniper deck. A route is also accessible that goes behind the building. To support the defending team, they now also have a Sniper deck, and the bridge is now only accessible through a hole in the floor (from the attacking side), meaning that the only people who are going to be on the bridge are Soldiers and Demos with a chunk of their health taken out. And Spies, of course.

    The sky player clip brushes have gone up a very long way, Soldiers and Demos rejoice.

    The capture point prop has been removed from the final area, but it has yet to be replaced by anything (though it will probably be a capture light prop).

    Additionally, a side route has been created between the courtyard and A, allowing people to use the courtyard to B shortcut without backtracking all of the way (it opens as soon as A is captured, of course).

    Things that have yet to be done:

    The building in between A and the attacking spawn is currently missing a large chunk of wall and roof because I was stupid.

    Lighting has yet to be implemented in the new areas, and it has yet to be fixed in the final defending spawn.

    Additional routes have yet to be added allowing people to properly bypass the cart chokepoints between B and C and between C and D.

    The side route that diverges at the top of the slope after C is to be reworked, including a set of one-way gates.

    Things that may possibly be done:

    I may open up a side area behind the line of buildings at B, a la Badwater.

    Alternatively, I may remove those buildings altogether and use the space to extend the track. This would be incredibly useful in stopping the attacking team from steamrolling C when they capture B.

    The removal of the current shortcut between B and D is possible, simply because when C is captured the entrance is made redundant.

    It's possible that I could rework D so it is inside a building; offering Sniper and Sentry positions alike

    If I can be bothered, I might put up a sign that lists all the version changes from the previous version.
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