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    Cor-dil-le-ra, noun.
    a system or group of parralell mountain rangels together with the intervening plateaus and other features.

    Cordillera is a custom map featuring a new gametype. The gametype draws inspiration from the UT2004 gamemmode "Double Domination". Basically, 2 point KoTH. However, you only need to hold them for 2 minutes.

    You must hold both points to start the timer. If blue team owns one and red team the other, no clocks will be counting down.
    I'm not sure how it plays in terms of capture time, etc. Thats for testing to decide.

    Cordillera has a small alpine stream running through a valley cut millenia ago, into a large lake. Red and blue team have taken up residence in coincidently, opposing sides of the valley. Both have a giant missile armed at each other's capital, and must hold the valley and drive the other team out.
    Fight through an old mill using the streams long-gone power, with still-working, slowly turning waterwheels which you can even ride on! (But dont let them jam you underwater!)

    Barely any of the roomtops are clipped - a lot of battles will happen on them, however not all are easy to get to.
    And what better time for an epic battle than the middle of a thunder storm! With random lighting flashes (In next version :p), you cant hide in any dark corners you happen to find for very long.

    Custom rocket: Texture made by me, thanks to AyesDyef and matt for compiling.
    Collision rain: Thanks to Psy, and Matt getting them working for me :3


    Before you start complaining, the screenshots are a bit outdated. Since them I have:
    Displaced all the cliffs to look less horrible,
    Fixed the split water
    Added some more cover in the form of trees and rocks.
    Made the water a scale of 1 instead of the default 0.25

    Known problems:
    3D skybox in big lake still isnt aligned right
    A few holes in blues cave
    Some buildings are hovering
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    Looks nice! Although the waterfall could do with some rocks at the bottom or something, and a splashy particle at the top and bottom
    particle_waterfall_rock for a rock splash
    particle_waterfall_waves for where the waterfall enters the water
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    In screeny 1 the steps dont quite touch the floor and also i would consider either making the edges more bupmy or doing a lighting change cuz im sorry but to me the cliff edges look too hl2 like =) or is that the idea


    Have a good trip (down those stairs).
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    I'd love to play this. It looks like it would be really fun.
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    You should increase the scaling of your cliffs. They will look a lot better.

    To increase the scale, just go into the texture application menu, select the face texture, and then up it to about .75. The whole entire map will look 500x better after you do that.
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    The map looked pretty good. Until I saw the last picture. Those 2 cap points are really close togther. But then I realized,wait maybe that could be interesting.I'm not sure how it would play out. But I'd want to try it.
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    Well thats the whole point isn't it? To test how the gamtype could work. In UT2004, which I based it off, the points could usually see each other, but were inacessable enough that the weapon dropoff would come into effect. Soldiers and snipers would have a slight chance, but they would be in the open...
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    Add a thread thumbnail please.
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    Done, Sorry about that, wasn't sure what it actually did.