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    If you're reading this forum then you're either a contest judge or someone who knows the password because a contest judge told it to you. If it's the latter, delete your TF2M account, erase your memory, and kill the judge who told you the password.

    What you will do

    You are to write a brief write-up about each map. Since there are six maps, try to make each write-up as in-depth as possible. At the end of each write-up include a grade out of 10.

    The categories

    There are four parts that make up the total map score:

    Gameplay & Balance (30% of final score) - Is the layout intuitive? Are battles created in the right areas? Is the map scaled properly? Are pickups well placed?
    Waves (30%) - Are the waves fun? Do they progress linearly in difficulty? Can you beat the waves with varied teams?
    Aesthetics (20%) - Does it look good? Does it evoke a theme or place? Are any materials or models out of place?
    Performance & Technical (20%) - Is the map well optimized? Is it well clipped? Is the filesize excessive?

    Make sure to separate these four categories in your write-ups. Include a grade out of 10 at the end of each section; these four grades will then be averaged to give the final map score.


    The upper margin is to be determined by the highest-scoring map, according to you. In other words, if map A looks the best out of all six, it gets a 10 in Aesthetics and the other five maps are compared against it in that category. Make sure that every category has at least one map with maximum score.

    Please write as much as you can about the map; always be constructive. Be formal - even though you may be good friends with a map author, refrain from using irony and/or sarcasm ("this map is shit 0/10 would not play again kill u r selve"). Annotated pictures are more than welcome.

    Try to play each map at least three times fully, preferably with different people playing different classes. Make sure to get as many angles as possible on the map.

    Post your write-ups in your own thread in this forum. Keep each map in its own post. Do not post anything irrelevant to the contest in your thread or another judge's thread.

    Due date

    Ey es ey fuckin' pee. While I have no specific end date planned, I'd like to finish this quickly and get started on personal things as well as future TF2M events. I have no idea how much time public voting will take, but when I decide, I'll post an announcement on Steam and the forums and what have you. I need the judge write-ups to be done by the time public voting will end.

    Examples of write-ups

    All reviews from contest #6 A quite messy thread, but contains a wide variety of review styles and insights to how judges have analyzed maps previously. Some people didn't manage to finish on time however, they put a too heavy workload on themselves, make sure you don't do the same.
    Icarus: contest #4 Not a lot of text, but motivated scores for each map.
    Supersandvich: contest #4 Long reviews with images

    (ripped from Ravidge's contest #7 post)



    If you're not one of those people, get out while you still can.

    If you have any questions, post them in this thread or PM me on steam or forums or tweet @seba079.

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