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    So, I was thinking tonight of an idea, and figured it might be kind of fun. As some of you know, I have spent countless months creating one of the first massive server side mods for TF2. As I get closer to finishing the code for the beta testing, I find myself realizing there needs to be a great first map to go along with it. I have not really found any great mappers interested in this little project, so I suppose I will be doing all of the mapping as well. I have created a few maps for it, however none of them are all that stunning so I want this one to be perfect.

    The Idea -

    I will be slowly updating this thread will the concepts, screenshots, ideas, etc. and hopefully get as many people to assist with input, thoughts on what way the map should go. Initially it will start off with a mockup of the design in Google Sketchup for everyone to get an idea of atleast my thoughts on how it should somewhat look. After that I will start blocking it out and do my best to get the concept into hammer. From then on it will be all details, and modding it until it looks correct.

    The Mod -

    Perhaps giving an overview of the mod will help on ideas for the map. This mod is based very much on Quake 3. Custom weapons, powerups, massive changes to game physics, etc. Since the maps are all custom, they can completely interact with the server code, allowing for a lot more to take place. Some of the intial maps I made for testing had working jump pads and so on.

    The Map Concept -

    The initial idea was inspired by Arena_Watchtower from one of our own here at and would like to thank him immensely.

    The map idea is basically to do castle ruins. I wanted to do them in sort of a crater much like Arena_Watchtower is setup, however the more I think about it, I kind of like the idea of them being in almost a cavern. A very wide open cave type area in the ground, with the ruins of an old castle in the middle of them. The maps for this will be somewhat darker than normal TF2 maps, as the cheesy props and what not don't really fit the theme.

    So as it stands, the map layout is being designed as a very symmetrical one, basically a circlular area, with some sort of structure in the middle, which should be the "choke point" persay for the battle.

    Your Help -

    Any ideas for this might would be greatly appreciated. Thoughts on the direction you think this should go, maybe structure ideas, etc. I look forward to any participation and help.

    I will attempt to have the mockup up tommorow.
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    Too little info. Which admin mod?