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    Hello everyone! :laugh:
    Let me introduce myself: I'm Codename 22.
    I have been reading these forums for a long time (long before I registered) and I always prevented myself from posting because I just know that I would spent too much time here otherwise. :p
    But I knew there would be a day when I post here anyway.

    I have been working with hammer since I was a kid, I never released anything serious with it tough. But I'm currently working on a payload map which I'm about to post here soon. ( (and yes Valve stole my mapname :glare:)
    That map was started a long time ago but had a long break because I was busy so I started working on it again this summer.
    Before that I also made a Crysis map but I don't think anyone here is interested in that ;)

    Other things you should know about me:
    I tend to experiment a lot with maps, I try to give it something unique and see how it works out. Also I usually don't use devtextures. And the reason why I didn't publicly release maps before is because I don't want hundreds of version of my maps scatter around the internet without me controlling them. Basically this means that I'd rather test maps in communities before releasing, this prevents servers from running older bugged version of the map :rolleyes:

    So here I am, posting a way too long post about myself xD
    I will try to be active and give constructive feedback and make help full posts. :)
    Big thanks to the creators of, it's a great website and their work is highly appreciated. (If I had paypal I would have donated :rolleyes:)

    - Codename 22

    PS: I don't actually expect you to read all this :p
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    Damn, Valve be stealin' your mapname :eek:hmy:
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    You wouldn't happen to love Resident Evil 4, would you?
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    Welcome! The map is looking really boss!
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