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Charity Mapping Event Planning Thread

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Seba, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Seba

    aa Seba DR. BIG FUCKER, PHD

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    TMP had an idea to do a charity mapping event, and the chat is much too spammy to discuss this clearly and have everyone voice their opinions while still being understood.

    I made a little list of what we need to know in order to organise this properly and gather the necessary information.


    • How many mappers will be in this event?
    • How will the mappers be brought into the event?
    • Who should the mappers be? (Are they experienced mappers, or are they newbs? Are they US-based, or EU? etc.)

    Time Issues

    • How long will the event last?
    • Will there be breaks?


    • Who will 'host' the event?
    • How will the mappers be broadcast? (Livestream?)
    • Where will the money go to?

    Other Stuff

    • Will donations be required?
    • Who will rate the maps?

    Feel free to add any questions you deem necessary, as well as voice your opinion on the aforementioned ones.
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  2. TMP

    aa TMP Abuser of Site Rules

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  3. DjD

    DjD L5: Dapper Member

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    I think, mappers shouldnt be limited to just noobs or just pros, should be open for everyone.
    Of course that includes that there shouldnt be a region limitation either, so US and EU allowed.

    I would do either an event similar to the 72-h-contest or something like a week where mappers can divide their time on their own.

    The admins (or vips) of tf2maps might be able to arrange a cooperation with valve, which helps to attract more viewers.

    There should then be a public voting to announce the top 5 maps.

  4. Bermuda Cake

    Bermuda Cake L9: Fashionable Member

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  5. Seba

    aa Seba DR. BIG FUCKER, PHD

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  6. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    well 72hrs is a MARATHON and really crazy. It would be better to have a smaller time that more people could join

    It obviously has to be a challenge to be worthwhile, if everyone was able to do it then why would anyone sponsor you?

    This particular 72hr event would be a bad one since for a charity event we'd want verified livestreams so that we could get 50+ viewers.
  7. Fraz

    aa Fraz Blu Hatte, Greyscale Backdrop.

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    a 72 hour marathon wouldn't be bad I think. The choice of map/gametype might be important as well as how "finished" the map should be. It would also probably limit those eligable to enter. I could maybe convince my parents to let me enter, but if we do have a limit on the number of mappers doing it, I would suggest more well known mappers, YM, Acegikmo, Mangy etc etc to be the first picks, as they would probably draw in larger audiences and more money for said charities.
  8. littleedge

    aa littleedge L1111: Clipping Guru

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    I think we should work with Valve. They and the community could choose ten, five, or however many mappers, and they have to make a map in ten or so hours. Even add in a Valve employee.

    72 hours is absurd. If that was simply the time you had total, but you could do it all in 72 hours or all in 1, that'd be fine.

    But working with Valve and having the community choose the mappers so that they'd actually watch would be better. And Child's Play would be a good charity if that works out.
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