Can't start the server

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by txampion, May 30, 2009.

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    I just want to try my map with a friend. So I:

    -Create server in cp_badlands

    -sv_pure 1

    -sv_lan 0

    -changelevel assault_Incursion

    And nobody can't join...

    But when I was Idling my server was full, and I haven't done anything different...
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    these threads are useful
    particularly the 2nd :p

    if these don't help you ill need more info
    what type of server, listen server? source dedicated? srcds?
    it was working as an idle server but not as a regular one? that is very strange
    there are many things that could be preventing your advise you run through my list of problems and see if anything has changed recently regarding those. And just something weird ive found, sometimes your server will be completely invisible to most people, then randomly someone will be able to connect, if it was an idle server it may have just filled based on those odd people.