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PL Campainia A8

Wait, we're pushing THAT!?

  1. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Campainia - The campaign of pain is filled with train(s)

    Based on a 5 month old idea, this map went through a lot of layout changes before becoming a 2-stage payload map inspired by no less than 2 coastal towns and Jack Churchill. The first round is inspired by Cudillero in Spain with the second drawing more from Salerno in Italy (found in a region known as Campania). Did I mention the payload cart changes between rounds?

    All the great Frontline assets made by the Frontline! project team.
    Installation: Just drop in your tf/maps folder and you're good to go!

    If you have any missing textures or models let me know!
    (In the meantime you can download the Frontline Pack which should load the resources properly :3)

    (Currently has a bug where once a round has been one and teams switch Red Team members may spawn in their second spawn. Respawning immediately teleports to the correct spawnroom but I am working on a permanent fix.)

  2. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    no more spawn bugs! (hopefully)
    • removed all but the first blue and last red spawns
    • contemplated the importance of sloped rooftops
    • hacked off S2 because I wasn't happy with it
    • put a small garden in the apartment balcony
    • removed a window from the last point
    • nerfed what sightlines I couldn't kill
    • added an extra route to the start
    • reworked the hotel exits
    • added a 3D skybox
    • aesthetic changes
    • clipping fixes
    by some miracle i got it under 50MB

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  3. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Updated to Frontline 1.1.1 pack!
    • fixed red not spawning properly
    • new traversal options in the minefield
    • a bigger tree near the red bread shed
    • lighting fixes
    • texture changes
    • more skybox stuff
    • changes to hedges
    small and secret changes

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  4. GooGuGajoob

    GooGuGajoob L12: Pro-crastinator

    Positive Ratings:
    This map looks real pretty and neat!

    You've got a lot of creative ideas too in the layout like the tunnel going under. I do wonder if it'll be crampy in there, but I think it will honestly work unless play-testing reveals otherwise.
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  5. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    + new signage
    + fixed cubemaps
    + added more windows
    + redesigned blue spawn
    + added some area-portals
    + made drop down two way
    + fixed skins for locked doors
    + made cave exit door one way

    + made beach more appealing
    + made courtyard more enticing
    + replaced clock-tower with bell-tower
    + re-opened the hotel and clock-tower
    + extended blue safe to the start gates
    + changed the finale to be more logical
    + widened some doorways and windows
    + changed timing (spawnwaves included)
    + redecorated hotel to look less like a hotel
    + added a nice, soft awning under a leg-breaking drop
    + improved re-packed filesize from 49.72MB to 41.96MB
    + added a fence to keep (most) projectiles out of blue safe-zone
    + renovated clock-tower stairwell and red_bread_shed basement

    - removed ladder
    - removed "alerts"
    - removed submarine
    - removed floating b17s
    - turned down tone-mapping
    - raided the sewer storeroom
    - localized deafening mine explosions
    - converted some jumps into ramps
    - reduced mine damage to 115 from 149

    - removed points A and C, it's just two points now.
    - reduced
    cart recede speed to one-third light-speed
    - removed "modern-lookin' apartment building" (Castlemaine Brewery)
    numerous unlisted changes

    Stage 2 and Sewer (entire space from A-B) redesign coming in A5

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  6. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    + redesigned blu spawn
    + redesigned red spawn
    + redesigned last
    + added some area-portals
    + sewer totally redesigned (mostly)
    + added a new route into the sewer
    + minor beach redesign
    + made capture animations shorter
    + made track less flat
    + moved the hotel's lower floor entrance towards red
    + made the warehouse staircase go all the way from one floor to the other
    + added playerclips to help players trying to enter sewer backwards
    + clipped windows on red's angled walkway
    + nobuilded red's overpass
    + opened a window in red's overpass
    + tweaked lighting
    + clipped a bunch of windows
    + added some windows
    + unnecessary detailing
    + added doors to seal off the smaller red shortcut to A once A has been captured
    - shrunk blue spawn's safe zone back to the spawnroom
    - changed around a bunch of health and ammopacks
    - closed the old courtyard entrance
    - removed trump duck dump truck
    - removed the horrible fence from the beach
    loads and loads of unlisted changes

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  7. Jekyllson

    Jekyllson L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    What's the name, by the way? The Spanish word for campaign is "campaña".

    [EDIT] OK, so it's a pun on pain, but it's kind of a weird one, because the "pa" in cam-pa-ña is pronounced like "paw", not like "pay". If you really want to make a pun, might I suggest that the name "Campena" (which would be pronounced like "Campaign-uh")? "Pena" is a Spanish word that refers to both sorrow and punishment.
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  8. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    It's actually a region of Italy, thought it fit well with Frontline because of WWII and all that. Pretty good name though, loads deeper than what I went with!
  9. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    There are 5 health packs in this picture:
    pl_campania_a60006.jpg pl_campania_a60005.jpg
    pl_campania_a60008.jpg pl_campania_a60011.jpg
    can you spot the fifth?
  10. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Campania A6 is almost all blocked out
    pl_campania_a60007.jpg pl_campania_a60009.jpg pl_campania_a60016.jpg pl_campania_a60018.jpg pl_campania_a60021.jpg pl_campania_a60036.jpg pl_campania_a60022.jpg pl_campania_a60043.jpg pl_campania_a60042.jpg pl_campania_a60053.jpg pl_campania_a60034.jpg
  11. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Stage 3 has a while to go yet
    pl_campania_a60027.jpg pl_campania_a60028.jpg pl_campania_a60045.jpg

    Also the skybox is a messy nightmare
    pl_campania_a60040.jpg pl_campania_a60049.jpg pl_campania_a60050.jpg
  12. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    It's less flat now! and real multi-stage!

    kept minefield of temptation
    kept big tank
    kept alternate cart for final stage
    kept cramped alleyways
    kept sewer
    kept unclipped rooftops
    added nobuild 3;
    added deathpits >:3
    added potential skill jumps o3o
    expanded beach
    and a bunch more new stuff!

    hopefully this is better than a5
    note: stage 3 isn't 100% built but everything else is playable
    note2: more screenshots in the discussion thread

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  13. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    We've got a leak!

    Took me a while to wrangle the areaportals but A7 is here!

    refined lighting
    more optimisation
    more freedom
    fixed some doors not being up to code

    STAGE 1:
    added some palm trees
    added an under route to the dock
    removed wooden pier
    blew a hole in the courtyard roof (take that seagulls!)
    removed a bunch of playerclip from rooftops
    boarded up a drafty window in the Blu warehouse
    turned the house next to A into a shack
    added bridge to courtyard and opened it up a little
    made the little door in Blu spawn open after A is capped
    tweaked playerclip in courtyard
    sold some crates
    extended 3500Hu sightline to 4500Hu
    added a lighthouse
    added a sandbar
    modified naval mines:
    changed sound to ambient_generic using !activator as SourceEntityName

    gave each mine a trigger_hurt (underwater concussion)
    upon detonation, each player will recieve:
    85 damage if within 256Hu and not in the water
    115 damage if in the water but out of the 512Hu blast radius
    115 + 85 = 250 damage if underwater and within 256Hu
    the mines at the back have a 384 unit radius

    also the mine doesn't hurt teammates but the trigger_hurt can!
    (I don't know how to fix this)

    STAGE 2:
    removed playerclip from all the rooftops
    replaced fancyhouseTM roof with gaping hole
    added some more routes around the minefield
    added some stairways upstairs
    remodelled Blu spawn
    fixed all the spawn doors not having team filters (no-one noticed)
    moved Red's spawn doors back
    widened the Blu flank cliff
    opened garage roof
    added heavy routes to the rooftops
    opened a building in the courtyard
    fixed mine respawn system, Thanks 【EmNudge】 for explaining AddOutput!

    added STAGE 3

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  14. B!scuit

    B!scuit L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Took a month longer than expected (I started in June) but Alpha 8 is here!
    + Now Single-stage!
    + Relocated Blue spawn to the lighthouse
    (and everything after that you'll just have to see for yourself :3)

    ・゚: *・゚:* Happy 1st Birthday Campania! *:・゚*:・゚

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  15. YOYOYO

    aa YOYOYO

    Positive Ratings:
    this is beuatiful
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