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    Hi everyone. Bunk is the first map that I've made and felt confident in releasing. It's a 5 CP map designed with competitive play in mind. Each team fights to capture the enemy's missile storage bunker (hence the name).

    The middle point is kind of a mix between Granary and Turbine, with a platform and healthkit above the point itself. After the middle point, there is a spacious "yard" that leads to the second cap and allows for a good amount of movement.

    Finally, after capping the second point, there are two paths to the last cap. One is at the same height as the cap, but leaves the attacking team clearly visible. The other route is lower and thus leaves the player at a height disadvantage, but allows for more sneaky movement.

    Hope you guys like it!
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    Looks interesting, although I fear it might be a tad tight for competitive play. Can't really judge from the screenshots though, will have to see itin action first. Hit me up on steam (tovilovan) if you'd like me to run through it and see what feedback I can give from a comp player's perspective!
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    This look pretty good, you'll need some side routes though.
    and like Tov said it looks kinda tight, you can maybe fix that if you erase props at some places.
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    Looks rather cramped, maybe you should reduce the clutter somewhat. Screenshot 2 looks spam-friendly.
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    Dorkster, we had multiple people ask to play your map again in our pug group last night; you should update it so we can play-test it some more.