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PD Bumsite a2

A PD map with a capture point that recedes into and rises out of the ground periodically.

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    Bumsite - A PD map with a capture point that recedes into and rises out of the ground periodically.

    A Player Destruction map featuring a Capture Point that will recede into the ground and spring back out of it periodically. The name given is temporary and will be given a new (better) one as the map nears a more complete state (may or may not be used as another type of map later on).

    Already tested, and mid has some pretty glaring problems. These will be fixed in the next update.
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  2. Dr. Bum |SCG|

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    pd_bumsite_a2 patch notes:

    - Lowered the clipping over wood fences near mid.
    Felt really odd for soldiers and demomen to not be able to rocket jump over these, so now they can.

    -Reduced finale timer from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
    Finale felt too long, especially since most of the time the victor of the match had already been set in stone. This new finale length will make waiting for victory (or humiliating defeat) to be much more bearable.

    -Reduced the heal distance from the team leader from 450 to 225 hammer units.
    The winning team always felt as if they had too much momentum. The decrease in the dispenser effect the player with the most points has will hopefully help make this steamroll more manageable to make a comeback against.

    -Added walls that will rise out of the ground on mid when cap point is disabled.
    A common complaint was that when the tower containing the capture point was lowered to the ground, this created a large empty space uninteresting to fight in and a really annoying sniper sightline. Including these walls should make the layout a tad more interesting and negate the sightline.

    -Reduced Points per Player from 5 to 3.
    The two rounds playtested were extremely long rounds, with round 1 being longer than it should have despite Blu team completely dominating red team, and when teams were balanced for round 2, the game was far too long for most people's liking. Reducing the score needed to win the game to 3 points a player as oppose to 5 will hopefully shorten the length of the games. The minimum amount of points has been reduced to 9 (from 10).

    -Added an additional structure to mid.
    Point was hard to access, now it's easier to access, as well as giving a little bit more variety to mid when the tower recedes.

    -Changed lamp prop on mid.
    To accommodate for new structure.

    -Fixed Sentry Gun being able to shoot through crates.

    -Added Administrator Voice Lines for when the cp enables/disables.
    If the control point receded while you were standing on it, unless you had a godly reaction time, you would die by falling into the pit below the point. Now, the Administrator gives you a 5 second warning before the control point enables/disables itself.

    -Clipped Stairs.

    -Removed giant hole behind Spawns.
    Cuz I accidentally forgot about it...

    -Disabled collision on floor lights.

    -Lowered sniper sightline blockers.
    Now they should do something.

    -Fixed fences at spawn.
    Can't walk around them now...total fail on my part.

    -Extended Capture Zone Trigger.
    If you were on the edge of the tower, you would not score points; this has been fixed.

    -Made separate Capture Zone Triggers for Red/Blue Team.
    Now you should be able to disrupt point scoring for the enemy team...have not tested this yet though.

    -Added one-way doors.
    The winning team could very easily get to the enemy's spawn and spawn camp. Hopefully, one-way doors should help deter that, as well as promote the usage of less-used paths.

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