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    Yes I did make a another breakfloor map, the last one was really unbalanced and now this one is only a little :p I made it Arena (no Control Point) so it would be more like the Counter Strike one, when the players keep on respawning but the blocks don't it gets pretty boring fast. Though people can still go Demoman/Soilder and hell blow up the place fast as there is no way that I can think of to stop that it can still be fun, just hope that the people you play with aren't ass holes.

    Of course I did not originally make this map it's just a remake, it's originally made by some guy called Zymex over on FPSBanana I think.

    This didn't take me that long to make, it's just a bit of fun. :D If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it I'll love to hear them.
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    What stage is this map in? Alpha, beta, final?

    /edited to keep from being harsh.

    Few things your map needs.

    • Detail
    • Gameplay
    • Balance

    Detail - The whole map has roughly 7 textures, and not counting the billion of boxes i think no more then 15 brushes.

    Gameplay - Breakfloor maps are .. well their own following i cant really talk about gameplay as i have nothing good to say about it *like surfmaps*

    Balance There is no balance in this gametype as its not made to be balanced. this isnt good nor bad as its because of the gametype so again.. i really cant comment on it..

    In the end though its painful on how little effort was put into this. Yes breakfloor maps aren't my thing however mostly because the authors NEVER NEVER put more then 20 minutes of effort into it. The same less then 10 textures, maybe 50 brushes..Add a brushworked name of yourself and a clan and we are there.

    /bitter? yes i am because of the lack of effort.

    Spend sometime with it, make it look great, read some tutorials on lighting and environments, get some props in there, hell get a cool as skybox. All this shows you care about your map. You get back what you put out.

    Really though make this look nice, id love to play it.