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Brainstorming, want comments for a Sniper Training level

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Semnae, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Semnae

    Semnae L1: Registered

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    This will be my first map, so I'm planning on making something very basic. I'd like to create a map specifically for the purpose of improving your sniper skills. The idea was largely inspired by this video.

    The downside to what's shown in the video is that the bots in Team Fortress 2 do not move, so your training is nowhere near the level you'd expect to face while playing a real game. My idea to get around this is to have the bots spawn on top of moving trains. The trains will carry the bots around the map, and make it essentially a carnival duck shoot.

    Your sniper will be positioned in a building with windows and stairs, allowing you to snipe from several different angles. As the trains get further away from you, they will be more and more elevated, providing several different target points for you to shoot at. Several different trains will move in several different directions.

    There will be no conditions for victory. The only goal will be to get as many headshots as possible and hone your sniper abilities. I'll also put various items in the building for those who want to practice sniping from cover.
  2. Apex_

    Apex_ L3: Member

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    I say don't use bots at all. You can use breakable targets with a piece specifically for the head, for instance. It will end up being more difficult map logic wise, but you'll have a lot more possibilities using map entities rather than the very unreliable bots.

    A little extra research should dig up plenty of ways to pull off sniper targets, and that way you could also mirror the map and keep score per team, among other things.

    P.S. - Welcome to the forums!
  3. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden L7: Fancy Member

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    I second what Apex said

    With a few timers and movers, you could have targets that move around the map or pop out from behind boxes and stuff
  4. Paria

    Paria L5: Dapper Member

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    if you could do it in the style of those fairground shooting games it would make it an awesome training map :), the ones with the moving ducks, obviously if you could fit it to a tf2 style it would be even better,

    i've got visions of Buddikaman's models in a side scrolling sniper fest :D

  5. Armadillo of Doom

    aa Armadillo of Doom Group Founder, Lover of Pie

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    I like where this thread is going. Bonus points for hitting the frog!
  6. trackhed

    trackhed L3: Member

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    you could make
    moving targets with func_movelinear
    spinning targets with phys_hinge & phys_motor
    swinging targets with phys_ballsocket
    flying targets with phys_thruster
    clay pigeons with func_conveyor or trigger_push


    the brush entity of func_physbox with func_breakable parented to them
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